Create an artistic concept that embodies both the core elements of hip hop and the persona of TY as a performer.

Various gestures were choreographed to help emphasise particular lyrical elements and the entire project was shot using greenscreen technology to allow the performances to be cut out in post production allowing for animation and motion graphics to be added in.



Additional Info

Full credits :

Director/producer – Alex Winn
Dancer – Teneisha Bonner
Motion graphics – Jim Howells
Camera assist/focus puller – Beatrix Gerencser
Make-up artist – Ibi Molnar
Wardrobe stylist – Raniya Mohammed
Runner – Ceilidh Morgan
Additional t-tshirts supplied by

Special thank you to the following people:

Harry Love, Ben Wachenje, the vdV family, Drew Horley, Kelechi Okafor, United 80, Kelly-Marie Kerr, Raj Pardesi, Dee Ovens, Ahmed Akasha, Andy West,, Camberwell Studios, The Beat Inn, The Lab Studios, Tinku Bhattacharyya, Mr Mensah, Gawain Hewitt, everyone at Tru Thoughts and Junior from