Here at Boxing Zebra we believe our video production services should be dynamic and nimble, ensuring that we can handle a wide variety of projects from small to large.

Our team’s skills and creative abilities cover every aspect of the production process, so you know that regardless of what you need to make your project come to life, Boxing Zebra can make it happen.

This includes: helping to come up with creative concepts from your initial idea, linear and non-linear storyboards, creating production friendly scripts, location scouting and prop hire, filming and audio recording, video editing, animation including creating info-graphics, colour grading and even bespoke music production.

Our team is completely scalable to match your individual needs, so we can provide as many or as few people required to ensure that any project is completed to the best possible standards.

Promotional videos

The beauty of a promotional video is that it’s one of the best ways to communicate directly with your audience and can be uniquely and creatively tailored to achieve your goal. Whether your objectives are to generate more interest in a product, grow a social media following, raise awareness for a cause, or educate clients in a new business practice, we can help. We will work from your brief to develop a range of potential concepts that can help to tell your story in the most interesting and engaging way.

Boxing Zebra have developed striking promotional videos for a wide range of clients including entrepreneurs, record companies and hospitality firms. We have a solid background in using visuals to tell stories – get in contact today to discuss how we can start telling yours.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are often used when there is a subject matter or topic that is either complex or unfamiliar to the viewer, and you need to find a way to communicate it in an easily digestible way. This is typically done using a combination of animated graphics and clearly readable text, which are complimented by a voice over artist who talks the viewer through the video.

Organisations big and small can find explainer videos useful, either as a way to reach potential clients who might have questions about a new service or product, or as part of a larger change management strategy, e.g. when a local government organisation needs to educate large numbers of people about a change in policy or procedure.

We have the skills and experience to guide you through the entire process of creating an explainer video from turning the initial brief into a script, creating the animation and visual styles, recording the voice-over and realising the whole concept. If you have more questions or are interested in making an explainer video, why not get in contact today and let’s talk about how we can create something for you!

Talking heads videos

A talking heads video is a very well established and highly effective way way of communicating with your audience directly. It’s one of the most cost effective methods of getting a message across and simultaneously building trust by putting a face to a brand or organisation. This can be either within the context of an interview piece or someone talking more directly to the camera. Studies have shown that potential clients are significantly more likely to make a new connection with a business after watching someone from the organisation on video. This is simply because in the internet age, many people like to know who they dealing with and websites can often seem quite faceless.

Although the format is quite simple, making a compelling talking heads video is still something of an art form. Not everyone we shoot has had any media training so we go the extra mile to make our subjects feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, creating a calm and comfortable environment to bring out their best performance on camera. The technical side of things is also incredibly important so we bring all the latest and greatest equipment to give it the highest possible production value. Nice lighting, solid camerawork and crisp audio all combine to create a highly engaging and stylised piece.

If you have an interview or talking heads video production that you’re thinking about shooting, why not get in contact with us today and we can help you make it happen!

Event videos

Event videos are a great way to maximise the engagement and reach of your brand by helping to promote and generate interest in any future events, as well as showing people what they may have missed if they weren’t able to attend. The effect that your eye catching space, key note speaker or installation creates on the day can continue to influence people long afterwards, either as they re-live the experience, or discover it the first time through a film.

Scheduling is a key component of creating a great event video, making sure we’re always in the right place at the right time to capture the moments that matter most to you. We work closely with you to understand which parts of the event should be our primary focus, ensuring that the footage is visually engaging and creates a memorable story. While the wider perspective of the event may be driven by a series of scheduled activities happening in real time, it may be more compelling to create something which, for example, tells the story of the event as seen through a visitor’s eyes.

We can provide a variety of different coverage, from a single camera crew with audio up to a multi-camera film production with full performances, interviews, time lapses and much more. If you already have a date booked in your diary, get in contact with us today and let’s start talking about how we can capture it for you!

Music videos

We have worked with an array of artists to create stimulating and exciting visuals which compliment and enhance their music. The beauty about music videos is that there are no limitations on what you want to portray visually. There are no rules other than it ensuring that it complements visually what you’ve created sonically.

Sometimes an artist might have an idea that needs developing to successfully reach an audience. We are highly experienced in writing treatments to budgets and can then further develop the concept with storyboards to help you visualise a concept.

The most important task is getting your idea across within the budget you set. Our overall aim is to create a music video that gets you noticed as well as adding production value to even the most humble budgets.

If you have a track ready for release and are thinking about ideas for a music video, get in contact with us today and let’s start talking about how we can make it happen!

Got questions? Want to know more?

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