Monologue Showreels

A monologue showreel is a fantastic way to show casting directors the kinds of roles and characters you can play. Using footage from 3 contrasting monologues, edited together, it’s an elegant and effective way for both theatre and screen actors to instantly demonstrate their capabilities and range. It can be used either as a standalone piece or as a way to create additional content for an existing showreel.

Here’s an example of a monologue reel we shot for actress Daisy Boyden :

The shoot - what's included

  • 2 hrs shoot time to record your performances of 3 contrasting monologues
  • 2 x high quality HD cameras simultaneously shooting a wide head/shoulders shot and a closeup shot
  • Professional audio recording to ensure you sound crystal clear and every nuance of your voice is captured
  • Dynamic and flattering lighting to show you at your best

Post production

  • All monologue material will be cut together to create a dynamic 2-3min edit from the best segments
  • The edit will be professionally colour graded to give it a punchy and contrasting look
  • The final edit will have a very short ident sequence (with your name/Spotlight PIN or agency rep info)
  • If requested, we can also provide the raw footage of the individual monologues at no extra charge


Monologue reel package – £250
Any additional editing required – £20 per hour
Any additional shoot time required – £25 per hour


If you’d like to make a booking, please get in contact with us today and we’ll get back to you with our available dates and times. A £50 deposit is required to secure a timeslot and this is refundable up to 48hrs before your shoot if you need to postpone or reschedule.

Showreel advice

We appreciate that it’s difficult to know exactly what should go into an acting showreel and it’s not always easy to be objective about your own performances. Please take a look at the video below where Spotlight asks some of the most well known casting directors what they want to see.